veins have to rely on momentum, existing blood pressure and a system of valves to work against gravity and get blood back to the heart. When muscles contract they act as a pump, by compressing the veins, to assist with blood flow.
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This wordsearch is all about fashion!!
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This puzzle is an intro to vocabulary terms in Discovering Life Skills Chapter 11.
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try and find all these words to do with shopping
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fun wooh
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Names/ Brands of retail companies in India
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Target words
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My puzzle includes things you can purchase at most malls and stores.
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Find all the hidden words about shopping - they run in any direction.
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this is about wat u can buy at the store
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all kinds of junk food
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Try to find all the words on this board.
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mall shoes shirts shorts pants items bages friends
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Shopping Shopping Shopping
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minnie jacey jayleigh storme fiona brian luke aries smokeyjo rio zeus
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minnie jacey jayleigh storme fiona brian luke aries smokeyjo rio zeus
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This word search contains words that you have just learned. Try your best to find all of the words on the list!
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