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This wordsearch contains character names and terms from the novel 'The Spinning Heart' (2012) by Donal Ryan
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This wordsearch is about the play Macbeth
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Contains keyword from Hamlet
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This contains words from the novel Of Mice and Men
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Located in this word search are some of the tools and features that we can use in the Microsoft PowerPoint software.
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Based on the 1954 book by William March and the 1954 play and 1956 movie
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Thomas the tank engine and friends
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To help celebrate Dr. Seuss's birthday, find the following words
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This is a simple word search for vocabulary and characters from Macbeth.
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A voyage to Lilliput
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Skills Review!
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Lord of the flies it has a beast kids and they're on an island stranded
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its a vocabulary word search.
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its a vocabulary word search.
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Be Careful What You Wish For words!
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This wordsearch contains keywords relevant to The Merchant of Venice.
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Vocabulary for Sing Down The Moon
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The word search has all the names of the characters from the book Carrie's war .
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This word search is about the use of literary terms. The terms used are to enriched the text and help the reader to enjoy the reading. Please identify each kind of literary terms used in the text.
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