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Sermon Text: Psalm 63 Sermon Title: Better Than Life 1. Passion of a satisfied soul 2. Commitments of a satisfied soul 3. Hope of a satisfied soul
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Exodus 20:12-17 NIV, the last 6 commandments which reflect how we relate to others (our neighbors)
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The first 4 of the 10 Commandments reflect how we relate to God Himself. Based on Exodus 20:1-11
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John 2:1-12 Water Into Wine Summary: This summer we are going to hear about Jesusí miracles. Jesus did many miracles during his ministry, but his first was when Jesus changed water into wine at a wedding feast. In this miracle Jesus shows his his glory in three ways: Outline: 1. Jesus is the perfect Son 2. Jesus purifies us from sin 3. Jesus is the giver of joy Verse: John 7:37 (ESV): If anyone thirsts, let him come to me and drinkÖ Questions for devotions and family worship: 1. Why did Mary come to Jesus at this wedding when they ran out of wine? Why do you think Jesus answered her the way he did? 2. Why did Jesus have the servants use stone jars used for purification to fill with water? How might this reveal what Jesus was coming to do? 3. John tells us that this mircale revealed Jesusí glory. What does this show us about the glory of Jesus? 4. How can this miracle help you worship Jesus mire deeply?
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Exodus 20:18-20 He Has Hushed the Lawís Loud Thunder Summary: If you have ever been really afraid, you know how it feels to tremble with fear. When Godís people stood before Him at Mount Sinai, they were filled with fear. Today, letís finish the Ten Commandments by thinking about why they were afraid, and how God helped them in their fear. Outline: 1. The fear 2. The Mediator 3. The assurance Verse: Psalm 96:4 (ESV): For great is the Lord, and greatly to be praised; he is to be feared above all gods. Questions for devotions and family worship: 1. Why do Godís people tremble with fear in this passage, and ask that God not speak directly to them? What does this reveal about God, and about ourselves? 2. Why does Moses tell them not to fear? As saved people, is it appropriate for us to fear God? 3. How does Mosesí role in this passage help us understand our need for a Mediator? How does Jesus fulfill this perfectly? 4. How should this passage help us understand the Gospel, and shape our obedience to Him?
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Because of the Gospel, Present Your Body to God and Be Transformed by His Grace Romans 12:1-2
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Philippians 2:1-11 NRSV
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Exodus 20:17 The Rare Jewel of Christian Contentment Summary: Have you ever wanted something that did not belong to you? How did you feel, and what did you do about it? The Bible calls this
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Exodus 20:16 Nothing But the Truth Summary: Have you ever been caught in a lie? Telling the whole truth all the time is hard to do. God thinks telling the truth is so important for us that he included it in the Ten Commandments:
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Acts 17:16-31 NRSV
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1 Samuel 1: A Son is Given 1. Hannahís __________ 2. Hannahís ____________ 3. Hannahís ________
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Proverbs 31 (selected verses) NIV
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Exodus 20:15 Trusting God's Provision Summary: Today we talk about the 8th commandment:
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Exodus 20:14 Spiritual and Marital Faithfulness Summary: God has given us marriage as a wonderful gift in this life. When two people get married, God gives people a lifelong companion to love and cherish. Marriage is not always easy, and must be protected! Today we're going to talk about how God wants us to guard marital love as we think about God's seventh command:
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These are some of the job titles that people were given in a workhouse
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Exodus 20:13 The Gospel of Life in a Culture of Death Summary: God gives us his good commands to keep us safe, show us how life works best, and to show us how much we need Jesus to save us from our sin. Today let's look at God's desire for life, found in the command against murder: Outline: 1. The requirement of this law: no unlawful killing 2. The reason for this law: we are made in God's image 3. The root of this law: Anger is heart murder 4. The hope found in this law: the anger of God was poured out on Jesus for you Verse: Exodus 20:13 You shall not murder. Questions for devotions and family worship: 1. How do we currently live in a
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John 20:1-18 NRSV
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John 20:24-31 My Lord and My God! Summary: Have you ever had doubts about Jesus? Sometimes we all wonder if Christianity is true. The disciples all doubted that Jesus was raised from the dead, including Thomas. Today on this Easter Sunday, let's think about Thomas' doubt, and how God calls us all to believe in Jesus. Outline: 1. Understand Thomas' doubt 2. Behold Jesus' compassion 3. Imitate Thomas' worship 4. Obey Jesus' call to faith Verse: John 20:27 Then he said to Thomas, ďPut your finger here, and see my hands; and put out your hand, and place it in my side. Do not disbelieve, but believe.Ē Questions for devotions and family worship: 1. How would you characterize Thomas' struggle to believe that Jesus had risen from the dead? Do you struggle with doubts about Jesus? 2. How is Jesus compassionate and gentle with Thomas? How is he also compassionate with you in your failings and doubts and weakness of faith? 3. How might Jesus be gently calling you to worship, and to a deeper trust in him, and his ways this Easter?
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John 19:16b-22 NRSV
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Text: Psalm 90 Title: Number Your Days Outline: I. Struggle to Grasp Godís Eternality II. Grasp the Gospel Consequences of Godís Eternality III. Number Your Days
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