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Psalm 118:24
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1 Corinthians 3:16
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Psalm 97:9a
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Psalm 100:1-2
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Deuteronomy 6:6-7
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Deuteronomy 11:16
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John 4:24
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Numbers 14:10b-24
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Acts 17:16-34 Mars Hill Summary: Today Paul's journey leads him to the city of Athens, where he sees something very troubling: he sees all sorts of idols to worship many false gods. What should he say? He tells them about the one true God and His Son Jesus! Let's listen in: Outline: Be provoked by the idols of this world Share Christ with the world Seek the one true God and you will find Him Verse: Acts 17:24 The God who made the world and everything in it, being Lord of heaven and earth, does not live in temples made by man... Discussion Questions: 1. What was Paul's reaction to the various idols in Athens? What might that look like in our culture today? What are the various idols in our context, and why or why aren't we
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Acts 10:34-43
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Acts 17:1-15 Noble Bereans Summary: Today we get to hear more about the journeys of Paul and his friends as they traveled from city to city telling the good news of salvation through Jesus. Some people refused to listen and tried to harm them, but others, like people in the city of Berea, responded with joy and faith, because God was working in their hearts. Let's think today about what it looks like when God is at work: Outline: 1. The great Gospel that Paul preached - all about Jesus 2. The pattern of unbelief - full of jealousy 3. The joy of true faith Verse: Acts 17:11b ...They received the word with all eagerness, examining the Scriptures daily to see if these things were so. Discussion Questions: 1. According to 17:2-3, how did Paul share the Gospel in each city? 2. What are the differences you see between the response of the Thessalonians and the Bereans in this passage? Why is that important for us to understand? 3. How could the greatness of the message that Paul proclaimed move you also to the kind of response the Bereans demonstrated?
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Acts 16:16-40 Believe in the Lord Jesus Summary: Have you ever been to JAIL?? Ok, hopefully not, but I am sure that prison is not a nice place! In our sermon today we will hear about Paul and Silas being beaten badly and then put in prison, all for preaching the Gospel of Jesus. Do you think they were mad? Sad? I might be. But they were up at night praying and singing hymns in jail! What would move them to respond with such praise? Letís find out: Outline: 1. Worship in chains 2. The Word of life 3. The fruit of faith Verse: Acts 16:31 31 And they said, ďBelieve in the Lord Jesus, and you will be saved, you and your household.Ē Discussion Questions: 1. What enables Paul and Silas to sing and pray after being being and thrown into jail? Do you ever doubt if you could respond the same way? 2. Why is the question of the Philippian jailor so central, and how does Paul respond? 3 .What are the evidences of genuine faith in this man's life? How can they be cultivated in your own life as a response to the grace of God youíve received?
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Leviticus 19:1-10
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Psalm 19
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Psalm 19
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Acts 16:1-15 Come Over and Help Us Summary: Have you ever been to another country? It can be exciting, and scary to visit a new place! Paul the apostle traveled to many different places, all to preach the Good News about Jesus to the world. And God calls us to be a missionary church as well, to take the Gospel around the world. Letís see how God saved people through Paulís ministry: Outline: 1. The Holy Spirit raises up Gospel workers 2. The Holy Spirit guides our mission 3. The Holy Spirit opens peopleís hearts to be saved Verse: Acts 16:9 And a vision appeared to Paul in the night: a man of Macedonia was standing there, urging him and saying, ďCome over to Macedonia and help us.Ē Discussion Questions: 1. Why did Paul circumcise Timothy? Why would he do this after the Jerusalem council said this is not necessary for salvation? How might this inform our thoughts about evangelism and missions? 2. How does Jesus sovereignly guide in this passage? How should this work of Godís Spirit influence and shape the way we think about missions? 3. How might you be involved in the churchís mission to the nations this year?
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Exodus 15:1-18
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Ezekiel 37:1-14 When bones come to life 1. Godís Call 2. Godís Man 3. Godís People 4. Godís Message 5. Godís Power Kidís Bulletin Summary: Have you ever seen a skeleton? Maybe it was around Halloween, on TV, or in your science class. What are they? Nothing but bones! Can bones do anything? No! Without someone or something moving them all they do is lay in a pile on the ground. In this weeks sermon we are going to hear how the people of God are like a big pile of bones, and yet, God calls a man, to deliver a message to those bones, and they come to life! Now, donít get me wrong, it had nothing to do with the man, it has everything to do with the God who sends him. We get to install Pastor Mike this week, God has called him to serve NCPC, to bring to NCPC the message of resurrection life! Scripture Memory: Ephesians 2:4Ė6
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Acts 15:36-41 Beauty In the Messes of this Life (letís go with this updated title) Summary: Can you remember the last time you had an argument with someone? Sometimes we have disagreements and it is hard to love each other. But The gospel is powerful to bring peace and God is sovereign even over our struggles with each other. Let's listen today as Paul and Barnabas have a similar struggle: 1. Even godly people can make messes 2. God makes something beautiful out of our mess. Verse: Romans 12:10 Love one another with brotherly affection. Outdo one another in showing honor. Discussion questions: 1. What is the cause for the disagreement between Paul and Barnabas? Can we tell who is right and who is wrong? 2. How did God sovereignly make something beautiful out of the disagreement between these two leaders? How can God do that in your life? 3. What disagreements or strife are you currently encountering? How can the power of Jesus in the Gospel work to bring peace? Who do you need to reconcile with today?
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